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Firework Safety

Duncan's Fireworks wants you to have a safe and memorable fireworks celebration.

General safety guidelines

  • Children under 18 should never handle or set off fireworks.
  • Do not mix fireworks with alcohol or drugs. If you are impaired at all, you should only watch the show to ensure yours and everyone else's safety.
  • Consider using earplugs and protective eyewear if you are using or are nearby fireworks.


Before the show

  • Use a clean, flat, hard surface to discharge your fireworks.
  • Dampen your fallout zone (grass, roof etc.) prior to discharging to help prevent a fire starting or spreading.
  • Keep a garden hose, bucket of water, water cannon, fire extinguisher nearby to fully extinguish a fire and or call 911 as appropriate.
  • Wind direction factors into where the debris (fallout) and smoke goes. Your audience should not sit down wind to avoid embers falling on them. If the wind picks up, pause your show until it calms down.
  • Use fireworks away from flammable materials, people and houses. 100 ft away is a good rule of thumb.
  • Read the warning labels on any firework you are going to discharge.
  • Brick on all sides your aerial or multi-shot firework to ensure no tip over during discharge. Bricking refers to placing the firework inside a ring of bricks.
  • There are no such thing as indoor fireworks! All fireworks are to be discharged outdoor fireworks.
  • Homemade fireworks do not exist!
  • Fireworks should not be altered in any way.


During the show

  • Never have your head or body over the top of a firework. Light and move away immediately.
  • Move away quickly after lighting the firework.
  • Light only one firework at a time.
  • Only sparklers should be held in your hand.
  • Do not point, throw or aim fireworks at humans or animals.
  • Do not try to re-light a dud. Wait 20 minutes and soak the firework.


After the show

  • Soak discharged fireworks in water for a couple of hours before discarding into a proper container.
  • Store any unused fireworks in a cool dry place.


These guidelines are published as a guide only. The purchaser and user of any and all fireworks is ultimately responsible for the safety of all involved and present when fireworks are discharged or stored.

Duncan’s Fireworks, LLC is a Blasted Knechts, LLC company and neither are liable for any issues or damage caused by the use of fireworks.

From the UT Fire Marshal

Each year the Fire Marshal puts out updated information about selling time periods, legal fireworks and fireworks safety.

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Frequently asked

Safety questions

How old do you have to be to buy fireworks in the state of Utah?

In Utah, 16 year olds can purchase fireworks (ID required).

How do I safely light my fireworks?

An adult (over age 18) should light the fireworks and spectators should not be within 10-15 feet of where the firework is placed.

Where should I light off my fireworks?

Fireworks are best lit in an open area where they can be bricked and the audience is far enough away to be safe during the show.

What if the firework doesn’t go off?

If a firework doesn’t go off, wait 20 minutes then douse them with water. Do not try to relight them.

How do I dispose of my fireworks?

Once the show is over, wet down the remains to ensure they’re completely out. Then let the firework remains’ dry and throw them away in the trash.

Please ensure you clean up all firework debris.