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About Us

Hi! We're John and Erik.

Hi! We're John and Erik.

Our values


We believe in bringing family and friends together.


We love the USA, and love celebrating our heritage. There's no better way than with fireworks!

Save money & have fun

Our fireworks are of the highest quality and your dollar goes significantly farther.

About the name

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About the name
  • 2015
  • 2018
  • 2020
  • 2022
The Beginning

Provo Fireworks Opens

Duncan opened a small fireworks business that delivered to your home with on-line shopping. The stand was originally known as

We became

Duncan's Fireworks

Duncan unexpectedly passed away, and Brian took over! He was a good friend of Duncan, and renamed the business in Duncan's honor.

Expansion begins

Tent Added in Springville

We opened a tent in Springville at the old Allen's Drug store parking lot. We have the best tent team in Utah County!


John and Erik took over!

Long time customers John and Erik purchased Duncan's Fireworks because Brian graduated from MBA and medical school. We're so excited to keep Duncan's Fireworks and Duncan's legacy going!

When you buy from Duncan's Fireworks, you not only keep his legacy alive, but you help out a family that faced a grave tragedy. We thank you for your support.