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Fireworks displays can be a magical experience for children, filled with wonder and excitement. However, ensuring the safety of kids during fireworks activities is paramount.

Choose appropriate fireworks

When involving children in fireworks activities, it is crucial to select age-appropriate fireworks. Opt for items specifically designed for children, such as sparklers, glow sticks, or novelty poppers. These alternatives provide a safer experience while still igniting a sense of delight. Avoid purchasing or using aerial fireworks, firecrackers, or other high-impact pyrotechnics that require professional handling.

Adult supervision 

Adult supervision is paramount when children are around fireworks. Ensure that a responsible adult is always present, closely monitoring the activities. This adult should have knowledge of fireworks safety guidelines and be prepared to intervene if necessary. Children should never be the one to light the fireworks.  Also, establish clear boundaries and instruct children to stay safe from the fireworks area.

Find a safe location

Select an appropriate location for fireworks activities, preferably an open space away from buildings, dry vegetation, or other flammable materials. A clear, level area like a backyard or community park can provide ample room for children to observe and participate in the fireworks experience. Keep an emergency water source nearby, such as a hose or bucket of water, in case of unforeseen incidents.

Proper handling techniques

Educate children about proper handling techniques and safety precautions. Teach them to hold sparklers at arm's length, away from the body, and not to wave them around or run with them. Emphasize the importance of never lighting or relighting fireworks and never picking up or touching fireworks that have not fully ignited or appear to be duds.


Precautions against fire hazards 

Keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher nearby to prevent fire hazards. After the fireworks display, soak used fireworks in water before disposing of them in a non-flammable container. Thoroughly wet any debris or remnants to avoid the risk of accidental fires. Educate children about fire safety practices, including reporting fires immediately to adults.